Sunday School Coloring Pages

A great way to keep your students' attention is to give them Sunday School coloring pages to color while you teach the lesson or read a story from the Bible. After the lesson is over, they can take the coloring pages home with them to help them remember what they learned in Sunday School.

As you prepare for your next Sunday School lesson, do a search on your favorite search engine for coloring pages relating to the topic or Bible story you will be teaching. For example, "Jesus heals the blind man coloring page" or "Noah and the flood coloring page."

I find it most helpful to do a Google Images search for such terms, because it instantly shows you a preview of each coloring page. Once you find a coloring page you like, print out a copy for each student.

An alternative to printing Biblical coloring pages from the web is to buy a reproducible coloring page book. This way, you can re-use the book from year to year, and simply make copies of a particular page on an as-needed basis. One example of this is the "Reproducible Thru-The-Bible Coloring Pages for ages 2-4" or for ages 4-8.

Another option is to buy a copy of a Biblical coloring book for each student. You could choose a coloring book that goes through stories of the Bible, and teach on a new story each week. Have the students keep their books in the Sunday School room until the quarter (or all the lessons) are finished, and then they can take them home to help them remember what they learned in Sunday School.

Whether you print out copies online, or buy a physical book, giving your students Sunday School coloring pages to color in is a great way to keep their attention and help them remember the lesson.


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