Personalized Bible Covers

How would it feel to have your name imprinted on the front of your Bible?

We already know that God's Word is written to each individual person. But having your own name on the front of the Word can help your mind make that connection better.

Better yet, you could have have the phrase "Written for (your name)" imprinted on the Bible cover. Or if a friend or family member is having a special occasion, like a baptism, birthday, or graduation, you could imprint their name on a Bible cover and give it to him or her as a present.

How To Order a Customized Bible Cover

When you purchase a new Bible, some companies give you the option of having a name or phrase imprinted on the bottom of the Bible cover. Searching for the keyword "imprinted bibles" in your favorite search engine will bring up a few such companies.

One company I personally recommend is BibleCo. They offer 1 to 3 line imprints on a large selection of Bibles.

To order one or more personalized Bible covers from, you have two options...

One option is to choose from a selection of customizable Bibles and type one or two lines of text that will be printed on the bottom right of the front cover.

Another option is to first type out your custom message (up to three lines total), and add that to your cart. Then, find the Bible you want by browsing through BibleCo's online selection, and add that Bible to your cart. If the imprint request and the Bible are both in the same cart, BibleCo will know to imprint your message on that Bible.

Please note that bibles with bonded or imitation leather are recommended, because they tend to hold the imprinted message best.

And if you prefer that your message be printed on a metallic plate, you may choose that option instead of the standard gold-letter imprint.

Wherever you get your personalized Bible cover, I'm sure you will enjoy the thrill of reading from the Book that was written for YOU.

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