The MP3 Bible: A Brief Overview

The MP3 Bible is different from the Bible on audio CD in several ways, and it has several advantages. Three advantages are...

  1. Small File Size
    Since MP3 is a compressed format, MP3 files require much less space on your computer hard drive or on CDs than uncompressed formats do. This is helpful when downloading the audio Bible in MP3, because it goes faster. It's also helpful when burning an MP3 CD, because you can fit a huge amount of chapters from the Bible on a single CD.

  2. Potential for Small Physical Size
    There are two ways you can burn a CD: as an MP3 CD, or as an Audio CD. An audio CD is limited to the standard 80 minutes, but an MP3 CD is limited only by digital size: 700 megabytes. In practical terms, this means that an MP3 CD can store many more chapters of the Bible than an audio CD can. The result is fewer CDs, which means less physical volume.

  3. Highly Compatible Format
    The MP3 format has become extremely popular. Almost any music player program available for the computer can play MP3 files (e.g. iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.). MP3 player devices can of course play MP3 files, and some CD players can play MP3 files.

Three Ways to "Get" the MP3 Bible...

  1. On The Internet
    Since MP3 files are relatively small, it's fast and easy to download the MP3 Bible onto your computer. You can download the MP3 audio Bible for free from First, choose a version, then choose a book. Finally, to download a chapter, right-click on the chapter name, and choose "Save Link As..." or something similar. Once the chapter is downloaded, you can to listen to it on your computer anytime, even without internet access.

  2. On an MP3 Player
    If you already have the Bible on CD, you can put it on your computer and transfer it to an MP3 player. Or, even easier, just buy an audio Bible from the iTunes store and sync it with your iPod or iPhone. I've even seen some audio Bibles available on the iTunes store for as low as $9.99 for the whole Bible (Old and New Testament).

  3. On MP3 CDs
    MP3 CDs can be played on your computer, or on certain MP3-compatible CD players. You can either burn your own MP3 CDs of the Bible, or buy the audio Bible already on MP3 CDs.

    To burn your own MP3 CDs, download all of the chapters/books of the Bible you want on CD. Almost any CD burning program gives the option of burning the CD as "data" or "audio." Simply choose to burn as a "data" CD, and as long as the CD contains only MP3 files, the burnt CD is called an "MP3 CD."

    If the idea of downloading and burning the entire audio Bible onto MP3 CDs sounds too complicated and time-consuming, you can skip that process and simply buy the Bible on MP3 CDs.

Where to get the MP3 Bible

The invention of the MP3 file format and its increasing popularity makes it easier to listen to God's Word. We are blessed to be capable of listening to the Bible in this way.


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