The Gospel of John on DVD

When I first watched part of the Gospel of John on DVD, I was so excited! I couldn't wait to buy the DVD for myself so I could watch the whole thing.

When I finally bought it, I was absolutely delighted as I watched the whole thing from beginning to end. There were two things that "hooked" me: the good acting, and the word-for-word accuracy.

Front cover of The Gospel of John on DVD

A good message deserves good acting. And that's what the Gospel of John DVD has: a good message that is clearly portraying using good acting.

It's one thing to create a Christian film with a good moral from the Bible. It's another thing to create a film that is the Bible itself. The Gospel of John DVD really is God's Word; no more, no less. That's powerful.

I invite you to watch the movie clip below to see a trailer of the Gospel of John on DVD. Click the Play button to begin the movie.

Pretty amazing, huh? Looks like something you'd like to see all of?

Click here to buy the Gospel of John on DVD for only $10.99

Think of all the possibilities that will be available to you when you own this DVD: personal enrichment, content for group discussion, family time, ministry, and the list goes on. Buy it now so you can experience God's Word in visual form, on DVD.


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