Free Online Audio Bible

It's common now-a-days to find a free online audio Bible. With all the available translations and narrators, you're likely to find an audio Bible that you will enjoy.

Online audio Bibles are convenient when you want to listen to the Bible when you're close to a computer. And best of all, it's free! has numerous audio Bibles in different versions with different narrators. Here's how to use their resources:

  1. Click here to go to's audio Bibles page
  2. Choose the version you would like to listen to
  3. If available, select a format. If you choose "Real Audio," you will nead the RealPlayer (click here to download it for free). If you choose "Flash Player" you will need to download Adobe's Flash Player (click here to download it for free)
  4. Choose a book and chapter of the Bible (and an end chapter)
  5. Click the "Play audio" button also has a free online audio Bible available, in both KJV (King James Version), and NLT (New Living Translation). You will need the Flash player (get it here) to use their handy tool. The great thing about their tool is that you can read the text of what you are listening to, so you can follow along with the narrator.

Here's how to use's tool:

  1. Go to their MP3 Bible page
  2. Scroll down to the MP3BiblePlayer tool, and click on either King James Version or New Living Translation
  3. The text of Genesis 1 is displayed by default. Use the drop-down menus to choose the book and chapter of the Bible you would like to listen to and read.
  4. Click the yellow audio icon, and that chapter begins to play. Use the controls at the bottom of the tool to pause, play, or stop the audio provides the New Testament of the World English Bible (WEB) and the King James Version (KJV), both in Real audio (requires RealPlayer). Click on the "Audio" button beside whichever book you want to listen to, and/or press "Text" to read along with the audio. offers the New Testament of the God's Word Bible (caution: 1 Cor. 13 starts playing as soon as you click the previous link). You can listen to this free online audio Bible by clicking on any chapter. You can also download any chapter by right-clicking on the chapter number, and choosing "Save Link As," or "Save to Disk" (depending on your browser). provides the entire World English Bible in MP3 format. You listen to this online, or download the audio files.

These free online audio Bibles are convenient if you're close-by your computer. But if you want to listen to God's Word away from the computer, check out some other audio Bibles.


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