The Chronological Bible Reading Plan

If you've ever wanted to read through the Bible in the order the events happened, the Chronological Bible Reading Plan may be the answer to your prayers. This reading plan takes you through all the events of the Bible in sequential order, and is divided into 365 segments.

So, if you want to chronologically read through the Bible in a year, simply do a day's worth of reading each day. But if you want to finish in only 6 months (or whatever time frame you choose), just do the math: read two "days" of text each day, and you'll finish in 6 months. All you have to do is cross off a day's reading whenever you're finished to stay on track. has put together a handy Chronological Bible Reading Plan that you can easily print out (on only 4 pages) and follow each day. Since it only takes 4 pages, you can conveniently fold up the pages and store them inside your Bible - or somewhere else handy.

But if you would like to do your Bible readings online each day (instead of in your paper Bible), I recommend this Chronological Bible Reading Plan from instead. With's plan, each day's reading is conveniently clickable, so all you have to do is click the link and you can start reading right away.

Better yet, this handy website offers an easy-to-follow 90 day chronological bible reading plan, complete with email reminders and daily readings delivered by text message.

You can also purchase a Bible that is printed chronologically, in sequential order of events. This is convenient, because the Bible reading plan and the Bible itself are in the same place.

Reading the Bible in chronological order will give you a unique perspective of God's Word. Things will start to make more sense as you begin to realize which events happened before and after others. When you keep your spiritual "ears" open, the Holy Spirit will also give you divine revelations as you read His Word.


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