Christian Coloring Pages For Children

Looking for something to keep your children occupied on a rainy day? If they like coloring, print out a few Christian coloring pages for them to have fun with. It's a great way to reinforce good values and Christian beliefs.

While Biblical coloring pages teach children stories from the Bible, Christian coloring pages simply reinforce Christian values and beliefs.

There are plenty of websites that offer printable coloring pages about Christian topics. You can browse the web and find a coloring page that reinforces a principle you are teaching your children, such as kindness, thankfulness, or asking for God's help, for example.

You can also let your child choose a few coloring pages online that he or she would like to color. Then just print them out, and let them have some fun coloring them in.

Better yet, make it feel more special by offering to print out a coloring page as a reward when your child does something good, like helps a friend, says thank you, or volunteers to pray. This can encourage them to keep doing kind things.

If your children love watching VeggieTales movies, they may like to color their favorite VeggieTales characters. Print them a few VeggieTales coloring pages for them to have fun with, and it will help them remember the Christian values and beliefs taught in the VeggieTales movies.

Whether it's raining outside or your child simply wants to stay indoors for the day, printing them some Christian coloring pages for children can brighten their day, reinforce Christian beliefs, and encourage them to live out their faith.


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