Biblical Thoughts

Just like poems, Biblical thoughts have a condensed meaning. Some people also call these thoughts "God thoughts." Whatever you call them, they are designed to encourage you to "dig deeper" into God's Word in order to understand it more.

Challenge yourself by reading some thought-provoking God thoughts about...

About our Faith
The way we live, and the things we do are based on who or what we put our faith in. When we have our faith in Jesus Christ, everything else in life overflows from the confidence we have in Him.

About Victory
God desires for you to be victorious over everything you experience in life. Once you understand what God thinks about victory, and begin to apply those principles to your own life, you will be victorious!

About Holidays
Celebrations are common both in the secular society, and within the community of believers in Jesus. The difference is that we, as believers in Jesus, celebrate our relationship with God, instead of celebrating Santa, the Easter Bunny, and all those other pagan symbols.

About Eternity
What we believe about eternity greatly influences how we live during our short lives on earth. We as believers have faith that we will live forever with Jesus. So that will effect how we live on earth. Since we know we will be with Jesus when we die, then we want to love and obey him every day on this earth.

About Health and Wealth
To a disciple of Jesus, what does it mean to be prosperous and healthy? The Bible has much to say about God's perspective of health and prosperity: Everything belongs to God!

Biblical Poems
This collection of Biblical Poems is intended to uplift your spirit and encourage you in your walk with the Lord.

I hope you will enjoy reading these Biblical poems and thoughts. My prayer is that they will challenge you to get into the Word. If you come across a thought you don't agree with, study the Bible to find out what the "right" thought is. And if you have a Biblical thought or poem you would like to see in this collection, send it to me, and I might add it to this list.


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