Biblical Poems

The following Biblical poems are meant to to inspire, challenge, and encourage you in your walk with Jesus.


Seeds of Our Existence
By Jonathan Hostetler

For each new human born on earth, the seeds of life are planted.
The Sinful Seed and Holy Seed are given chance to grow.

Whenever people act or think, a water jar is granted.
The jar is tipped upon a seed, to let the water flow.

Whichever seed receives the drink, becomes the one to bud.
When finally a plant is grown, a harvest is awarded.

A single plant produces fruit, the other plant a dud,
But only after water's gone, is life or death rewarded.



For the Believer in Christ
By Jonathan Hostetler

Each struggle is a battle that Christ has already won.
Each victory is a confirmation of the journey that you're on.

So, stay in God's Word, and you'll grow, grow, grow.
Our faith is in the Lord. This we know, we know, we know.



Who is This Child?
By Austin Beamer

"What child is this?" the World may ask,
"Who came so low from a place so high
to live among the peasants, yet prince of peace
no place to lay his head, yet the government on his shoulders
a king among thieves, God with men."
The blind receive visions and the lame dance,
The deaf now listen as the dumb profess his name,
The King, Lord Jesus the Christ.



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If you have written any Biblical poems that you would like to share, you are welcome to send me your poem(s). If I find your poem(s) appropriate, I might post them to this page, but only with your permission.


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