Biblical Coloring Books For Kids

Looking for a great gift for your grandchild, or a prize to give out in children's Sunday School? Biblical coloring books are a great gift idea for younger children. As they color in pictures about Bible stories and Bible characters, they're having fun and also reinforcing God's Word in their minds.

Shirley Dobson produced a great Bible Coloring Book for children. It features stories of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation (119 pages total). During family devotions, your children can color a page about the story you read to them. This is a great way to keep their attention and to help them realize that learning about God is fun.

The advantage of getting a book instead of individual coloring pages is that it helps your child stay more organized. Plus, some coloring books come with other fun things like stickers or fun activities.

In addition to books that have coloring pages of Biblical events, there are also coloring books that simply reinforce good values and Christian beliefs. For example, "Jesus Loves Me" contains coloring pages of children with captions from the song Jesus Loves Me.

Another great coloring book is "God Loves You!" It subtly presents the plan of salvation, and encourages children to talk to God at any time, anywhere.

If your children are VeggieTales fans, get them a VeggieTales coloring book. As they color in pictures of their favorite characters, like Bob or Larry or Jr. Asparagus, they can remember the morals that the VeggieTales movies teach, such as caring for your neighbor, telling the truth, being content, and so on.

Where To Buy

There is a huge selection of Scripture coloring books online. For example, there is "Favorite Bible Verses," "Gigantic Coloring Book of Bible Stories," and "My Story of Jesus," just to name a few. You may also want to check for Biblical coloring books at your local arts and crafts store, or Christian bookstore, as they typically sell such items.


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