Bible Reading Plans

There are all sorts of Bible reading plans. For example, you could read through the whole Bible, or just the Old or New Testament. Maybe you want to read it through in a year, or a month, or even two weeks.

One of the most common plans is to read through the Bible in a year.

Generally, most people don't stretch it out longer than a year, because it just gets too long. Spreading out the readings over one year lets you focus on smaller amounts of Scripture at a time, while still allowing you to read through the whole Bible.

Did you know that the books of the Bible are not listed in the order the events occurred? For example, in the standard Bible, the book of Nehemiah comes before Esther. But the events described in Nehemiah actually took place before those of Esther. If you want to read through the Bible in sequential order-of-events, you can follow the Chronological Bible Reading Plan.

While it is true that most Bible reading plans are designed to be completed in one year, you can really go at whatever speed you choose, whether it's half a year, three months, or even two weeks. Click here to learn how to make your own custom Bible reading plans.

You may also want to just read a Bible verse every day, instead of trying to "read through" a certain amount of Scripture in a specific amount of time. How would you like to have a Daily Bible Verse emailed to you every day... or week? Click here to see the verse of the day.

The most important thing to remember as you read through the Bible (with whatever plan you choose) is that you can always learn something new, each and every time you read the Bible through. When we read the Bible, we tend to apply it to our particular needs and wants at that specific time. So, you could read the exact same passage a year later, and see it from a whole new perspective.

One tool that can help you study the Word of God is, which has plenty of translations, commentaries, dictionaries, and more (including the ability to highlight verses and take notes as you study). Simply type the passage you'd like to study into the text box below to begin your Bible study adventure...

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